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furniture making & woodworking courses
Jonathan Kiff has been designing and making contemporary furniture to commission for almost 15 years.

He offers tuition on all aspects of woodworking from evening and weekend classes in basic machining to a one year full time or two year part time cabinet making course for those who maybe looking to establish their own micro creative business or to gain a professional level of competence to gain employment.

“I am happy to build a course around an individuals own particular needs, budget, availability and objectives providing all tools if necessary or showing you how to get the best out of your own. All my courses are based on one to one tuition and we never have more than two student makers at the Old Sawmills at any onetime”.

Costs for beginners short courses, inclusive of materials, refreshments (and lunch for weekend/two day classes) are:

Weekend:                £150
One week:               £350
One month:             £1200

Evening classes are also available by arrangement.

To book, get more information or to arrange a visit email Jonathan at jonathankiff@360trust.org

Short courses include:

Fine tuning hand tools - 2 days
Have you ever struggled with getting your hand plane or chisel to work and cut as smoothly as those you see being demonstrated at the shows? This course introduces you to the techniques required to sharpen and tune your tools, old or new, to high professional standards. It is for anyone wanting to work with wood, whether you are a complete beginner or someone who has had some experience in woodworking.

Basic machining - 2 days
We are frequently asked about the preparation and machining of the materials, as cutting and machining are major parts of the modern woodworker. The setting up and safe use of machinery is paramount and we aim to pass on our skills, knowledge and experience within this area.
Over the two days the course will cover the following range of machines:





Basic jointing - 2 days
As wood cannot be welded, efficient and accurate jointing is the absolute basis of fine furniture making. It is important to understand the forces acting upon a piece and choose the appropriate joint for the situation. It is equally important to cut a joint without slack, as sloppiness affects the strength and aesthetics of the piece.

The aim of this course is skills acquisition. Tuition is based around set exercises on the less complicated woodworking joints. Emphasis will be on hand cutting and the use of basic machines. You will not go home with a completed piece of furniture, but you will leave with the skills to complete one in your own time.

Dovetailing - 2 days
The dovetail joint has a certain mystique about it. It is often taken as an indication of the quality of a piece of furniture. However when you find dovetails in modern furniture they are usually bland machine cut joints. Good hand cut dovetails have an elegance that the machine cannot imitate.

Cutting good dovetails is about method, sharp tools, concentration and attention to detail. On a dovetailing weekend you will be taught the method and come to understand the concentration and attention to detail. We assume you will have learnt to sharpen your tools on a previous course.

Routing - 2 day
Over the period of two days students will cover basic safety, maintenance and selection of routers and router cutters. Students will cover all aspects of using and controlling the router accurately and safely.
Students will also cover the use of fences, various jigs and guides; self guided cutters, guide bushes and template making. The course also covers basic setting-up and use of the inverted router table.

Box making – 4 weeks
Including all of the above and more advanced machining and hand tool techniques you will make a beautiful dovetailed jewellery/keepsake box out of your choice of timbers. This course also includes finishing and polishing to a cabinet maker’s exacting standards.

Spindle moulding - 2 days
The Spindle moulder is a very adaptable and versatile piece of equipment and our new one-day demonstration course will show you how to set it up correctly, use it safely and give general tips and advice on how to get the best results from this excellent machine.
The course is aimed at those people who own or use a spindle moulder and need advice on best practice or for those people thinking of purchasing a spindle moulder.

Veneering - 5 days
Mastering the skills of veneering and laminating greatly extends the design possibilities available to the furniture maker. The advent of relatively cheap vacuum press systems has brought these techniques within the range of the hobby furniture maker. This course is designed to give the skills to tackle this exciting and challenging technique.

6 month , 1 year full time, 2 year part time courses
These are built entirely around your specific wishes, budget, availability and experience. Please call to discuss..