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Click on the  link to be taken to their personal website which will open in a new window.

Jonathan Kiff, Furniture designer & maker                                                  jonathankiff.com
Helen Tranckle, Painter & printmaker                                                        helentranckle.net
Amanda Jones Robinson, Paper craft and graphic designer                    amandajonesdesings.com
Ruth E Bateman, Wire and multi media artist                                            fide-et-amore.co.uk
Tracy Whitbread, Painter                                                                           tracywhitbread.com
Elizabeth Earley, Painter                                                                            elizabethearley.co.uk
Jacob Van Der Beugel, Ceramicist                                                            jvdb-ceramics.com
David Ames, Furniture designer & maker                                                   davidamessstudio.co.uk
Mark Rowland, Furniture designer & maker                                               markrowland.co.uk
Simon Moore, Glass                                                                                    simonmoore.com.uk
Pandora Mond, painter                                                                              pandoramond.com

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